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Digital solutions for a true sustainable tomorrow.
With our digital platform Envigo we strive to make Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) more transparent, accountable, systematic and easier to manage. 
Envigo landscape - easy environment
Planning EIA study
Taking a big-picture and holistic viewpoint we facilitate well-informed decision-making with objective results.
and cooperation
Envigo by Eon+ promotes cooperation and virtual collaboration throughout the process, allowing investors, consultants, authorities, and the public to understand, evaluate and discuss the relevant issues and consequences of development projects.
Meet Envigo. The most comprehensive ESIA software on the market.
How great would it be if your environmental and social impact assessments are digital - performed in cloud-based, full-featured, customisable and easy to use software? Well, Eon+ has a solution for you.
Envigo digital solution for environmental and social impact assessment
Have a
complete ESIA
Do you need consultancy support for all your environmental and social needs? Eon+ provides a plethora of services designed to complement the digital solutions we offer. Let’s contribute to the creation of a climate-smart, circular economy together.
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