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Optimized Impact:
Offering an integrated approach toward transforming the delivery of ESIA into a contemporary digital process.
Envigo SaaS - digital platform for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
What good are features if no one understands the benefits they offer?
Envigo was created to benefit and empower every party involved in the Environmental and Societal Impact Assessment process.
Benefits for Consultants
Benefits for the Public
Benefits for Authorities
Benefits for Investors
Benefits for investors
Envigo Benefits for Investors
Provides integrated tools, studies, and data in one place to centralize the management of complex ESIA projects in order to improve knowledge and information transfer, decision-making abilities, stakeholders engagement, and compliance with statutory requirements.
Considerably decreases the time and costs necessary to complete an ESIA by offering an all-encompassing digital solution with the adaptability needed to support just about any type of development project.
Benefits for consultants
Envigo Benefits for Consultants
Offers a more intuitive, systematic, and consistent approach to conducting ESIAs and increases the efficiency of the assessment and reporting process, including delicate topics such as cumulative impacts, project alternatives, and more.
Enables project leaders to easily manage and streamline the progress of each ESIA, delegate tasks and communicate efficiently with team members.
Benefits for Authorities
Envigo Benefits for Authorities
Adheres to internationally accepted best practices for conducting ESIA reports for more objective identification and evaluation of impacts.
Can potentially decrease the time needed for project evaluation and approvals by creating thorough, well-structured, more uniform, and fully compliant reports.
Benefits for the public
Envigo Benefits for the Public
Allows ESIA reports to be submitted online for public consultations, enabling communities to view and comment on all applications and approvals related to each development project.
Incorporates emerging global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity offsets, presents project impacts important to communities in a comprehensible way.
Visit the official Envigo product page for a more detailed look at the platform and its robust features.
Envigo SaaS product website
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